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Tony Petrello Is A Terrific CEO: However Behind Every Great Leader–Is Not There A Terrific Wife?

Tony Petrello is the illustrious leader of Nabors Industries. The company provides gas and oil well drilling services and equipment as it pertains to on-shore, offshore and directional well drilling operations.

Tony Petrello has had quite the career journey: He began his successive career venture by way of attaining a terrific footing, academically-speaking. He attained two Mathematical Degrees, from the famous Ivy-League College of Yale University: One Degree is a B.S. Degree in Mathematics; and the other Degree is an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. He then matriculated to Harvard Law School, and attained a J.D.

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He went forward and attained a post at Baker & McKenzie–an international law firm. He became Managing Partner of the firm working out of New York.

Anthony Petrello then made the transition of becoming part of the leadership team at Nabors Industries. He eventually became CEO of the oil and gas servicer, equipment provider and manufacturer.

The following said: Cynthia Petrello is also part of Anthony Petrello’s favorable journey. Ms. Petrello is a former soap-opera star. She is a very much “do-it-yourselfer,” with much “grit and determination,” very much like her husband. And if anything, the Petrellos, to the commoner, pretty much live like soap opera performers.  When meeting the Petrellos, suffice it to say: “Expect two individuals, always willing to “put their best, respective foots forward.” They are a welcome presence within the Houston community.

Is there a great wife behind every great leader? In the case of Tony Petrello there is a “terrific and sensational” wife: Yes, indeed.

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