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The Philanthropic Works of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos was born in 1958.She was raised in Netherlands by Elsa Prince and Edgar Prince. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College where she was a student leader. Her family is among the richest in Michigan. She is a member of Mar Hill church, and she is influenced by Abraham Kuyper.She joined the Michigan Republican Party in 1982.she was elected as a local delegate for the party in 1986.She later served as the Republican National Committee member from 1992 to 1997.in 1996, Betsy was elected as the party’s chairwoman until 2000.Many people praised her for her kindness and good organisation skills.Betsy founded Windquest Group with her husband in 1989.This is a private firm which invests in renewable energy and technology.

They produced the Broadway show in 2012 which ran for less than one month. It featured a book written by Kathie Lee.In 2004,DeVos campaigned for President Bush’s re-election.she raised more than $155,000.In 2008,she hosted a fundraiser at her home. Its guest of honor was President Bush. She was appointed as the chairperson of the National Republican Committee. She has donated more than $18 million to different political candidates in the Republican Party.In 2016, President-elect Donald Trump nominated her as the Secretary of Education. Many teachers unions criticized her nomination. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush supported her and termed her as the ‘smart choice’ for that position.In January 2017, the Senate committee approved her nomination. A vote was done, and it ended as a tie.Betsy led The Prince Foundation from 1990. It had been founded by her mother. Senator Maggie Hassan questioned on Betsy’s financial contribution to the foundation.

This forced Betsy to testify under oath in the Senate Committee hearing that she didn’t make any donations to her mother’s foundation.Betsy and her husband established their DeVos Family Foundation in 1989.It focused on nurturing leadership and leveraging support in community, justice, education, leadership and arts. In 2015, the foundation donated more than $11 million. It was ranked 24th on the 2015 Forbes list of leading America’s donators.The foundation has also helped many hospitals, Christian schools and health research centers. It has funded various organisations such as Michigan Educational Fund, Michigan’s Pregnancy Centre and Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values.She was appointed as a board member of the Kennedy Centre for Arts’ directors by President Bush in 2004.She established a centre which teaches boards of directors and arts managers how to properly manage institutions.


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