In the year 2007, something happened to the united states and that was the beginning of a rough journey of two journalists named as Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They had been arrested for publishing articles in their newspaper known as Village Voice Media. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The event was the birth of the biggest Fund in the United States known as Larkin $ Lacey Frontera Fund which has been the main fund protecting the immigrants across Arizona. These immigrants, especially from the Spanish world, have been profiled by so many people across the globe.

They have struggled to look for the better education because of the increased tuition fees and also lack of fairness when applying for jobs.

Undocumented immigrants usually faced a lot of difficulties while in the United States and thus there was a need for groups to come out strongly to defend them.

The two journalists, Larkin and Lacey have been fighting for the rights of the immigrants since the year 1970 and have faced a lot of challenges in their journey. The dubbed American great Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the person behind the exploitation of those people. He was known because he is the one who instigated the arrest.

Both Larkin and Lacey are known to have come from the famous Hispanic community and they even began living in the Arizona a very long time ago. In October 2007, the two journalists were arrested for what they actually didn’t understand and they had not committed any crimes.

Joe Arpaio ordered that they Larkin and lacey be kept in different prisons which usually were under his jurisdiction. That was actually the end of their careers because they had nothing else to do with their lives.

This was actually not his first time to oppress the migrant’s defenders and they were usually exploited for fighting for what they believed was right.

Joe used to oppress many people who usually came from Latin America. When the news of their arrest broke out, so many reactions were attracted and a majority of people especially from the Spanish world started demanding their release or else they e told why their people had been arrested.

People insisted that the two journalists must be arrested because they had done nothing wrong but Joe Arpaio did not bother. Later they were released by the famous county attorney known as Thomas Andrew.

They later decided to sue the Maricopa County Sherif Joe Arpaio, prosecutor Wilenchik and also county attorney Thomas Andrew.

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