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The Epitome of Success with Raj Fernando

Fernando pursued an undergraduate degree in Economics and History at Beloit College. Later, he furthered his studies at the University College London. Raj Fernando is known for his entrepreneurial skills and philanthropy. His career began while still in college. His desire to succeed led him to volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After graduation, Chicago Mercantile Exchange absorbed him into their workforce. His dedication saw him rise through the ranks to have a seat on the board.

After 10 years, he left Chicago Exchange and founded Chopper Trading. As the Chief Executive Officer, he steered the company to become a technological powerhouse. He designed and implemented sophisticated risk management communications, traded and monitored the source code security systems in the financial industry.

Chopper Trading had a workforce of more than 250 employees. The workforce comprised of the best traders in the world. Under Fernando’s leadership, the company traded in several platforms. CME, NASDAQ, LSE, ICE to mention but a few.

Mr. Raj Fernando provides insightful thoughts, counsels and steers organizations towards profit making. He has also shared part of his knowledge and expertise in this field through forums and public speeches. In 2010 Fernando featured as a panelist in a debate regarding disruptive trading practices.

In the year 2015, Chopper Trading was sold to DRW. DRW is a trading company based in Chicago. A few months later, Raj Fernando founded Scoutahead. Scoutahead goals were to improve corporate and professional growth by providing secure and technologically advanced communication systems. Today, Fernando is the CEO and Chairman of Scoutahead

He was appointed as a director of the board of trustees at PAWS Chicago, an organization that advocates against animal cruelty. His philanthropic heart has been felt across regions

Raj Fernando is a big-hearted man, a philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to hospital research centers. He has donated to the rehabilitation of soldiers. By doing this, he has contributed to ensuring soldiers are physiologically prepared to face the normal world.



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