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The Amazing Norka Luque

There are many singers that have come from Venezuela but none have been quite like Norka Luque. She is an amazing example of what a singer should be and what the singer should be able to do. She has a style that is all her own and she is comfortable with all of the things that she does while she is on the stage. She also has many other hidden talents that some of even her most devoted fans may be shocked to find out about. These talents include culinary aspirations as well as work in the fashion world.
Norka has always been a family person. For that reason, her parents have been among the biggest influences and supporters in her life. She has made sure that she always honors them and takes care of them while she is on tour and while she is performing. They are sure to attend nearly every performance and they were the ones who helped her break into the singing world. They have always been supportive of her many different dreams and they have worked to help her figure out what is right for her in her career no matter what she has made the choice to do.

She has been through many different career changes including a push toward being a business person, trying her hand at the culinary field and even working in fashion. None of those really seemed to work out for her and they were something that she could not see herself doing long term. While she was at school in France, there were people who found her and recruited her to be a part of a band. They wanted her to sing with them because they loved her voice and the way that she had a stage presence. She knew that this would be a great career move.

It turned out that this was the right choice for Norka. She has not only stuck with the singing career but she has also been extremely successful with the way that she has led out her career. She has made sure that she always shows off her personality while performing and even does so through the eclectic style that she has in her music.

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    It has given her the opportunity to see that there are many things that she can do without ever having to conform to one specific set of rules. It has to be what rushmyessay has in mind that is happening.

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