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Steps To Take Before Hiring An Event Planner

There is more to hiring an event planner than just choosing a company from online search results. The process starts the minute you decide to hire a planner for your event. It is important to take the following steps before hiring any event planners in NYC.


Determine Your Goals


The first step to hiring a planner is to determine the goal of your event. You may be hosting a fundraiser to buy computers for a local school, or you may be hosting a ceremony to award an employee for all their hard work.


Determine Your Need For A Planner


Determine what tasks you need your planner to take care of your event. You may need the planner to create the invitations and menus for your event, or your planner may be in charge of selecting the venue and hiring entertainment. It is important to figure out why you need an event planner so you can assign their tasks.


Determine Your Budget


Your goals and tasks give you an idea of how much you should spend on the event. Use this information to create a budget that is within your means. You do not want to spend more than you really have for your event, and a qualified planner can plan a successful event around any budget.


Once you determine your details and budget, you will be ready to hire a company such as Twenty Three Layers. It is one of the most successful event planning companies in NYC. The company specializes in event planning, design and production for various occasions.


Twenty Three Layers offers a variety of services to get your event off the ground. The staff is ready to help you select a venue, come up with a floral design and create the right lighting for your event. You can even hire the company to take care of your catering, entertainment and photography.



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    Your event planner is going to ask for details regarding your event so they can pitch an idea based on your goal. Determining your goals, tasks and budget is essential to finding the right planner for your event. It is also a nice way for rushmypapers writing services to make amendments to what is needed.

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