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Taking Inmates To Concerts With Securus

Taking inmates to the concerts and performances their children do is really important because they are trying to stay involved in the lives of their children as much as they can. Every kid is going to be doing their best, and they want to get their parents to see.

I have kids on my roll who are going to be seen by their parents over the video streaming feature that Securus has. The company lets all of us download the app that will run the videos, and then we just use our phones to show the videos to the inmates on the other end. A lot of us social workers have actually taken out phones to concerts of the kids we help just so their parents can see them for a few minutes.

The ways that kids are given a chance to connect with their parents are so much better with Securus, and I have been telling kids that they can talk to their folks when they want to. There are a lot of talks that the kids can have with their parents with me in the room, but bringing a cell phone to a concert is a really easy way to help people. I just want to make sure that all these kids get to show off their hard work every time they perform.

The kids who want to stay connected with their parents are going to feel better because they know they are seen. I like the fact that we can bring kids some joy when they perform. I have done this many times, and we all are happy to bring a phone along to show off another concert to a parent.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. Walsh

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