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Securus Technologies Making Prison Life That Much Safer

Those who have never stepped inside a prison before have little to no idea how dangerous this job can be. My job is working security in the prison, and our facility is suffering from overcrowding to the point that the inmates are lashing out at authority to make a point. With so many inmates confined to such small spaces, it doesn’t take much to get them aggravated. Now add into that mix the availability of drugs and access to weapons, and you can see how each person in this jail is facing a life or death situation at any given moment.


Securus Technologies developed a call monitoring system jails use to be able to track what the inmates are talking about on the prison phones. In the past, my fellow officers would have to sit in a room and try to decipher every word of every call the inmates would make. This was not only a time consuming job, it took away our officers who could have been elsewhere in the jail taking care of other pressing issues. This was all about to change with new technology available to us.


Securus Technologies is a call monitoring company that is based in Texas and has a thousand employees. The company CEO says his team are working towards his objective of making the world safer, and for that reason he believes that our jail can be made safer. Now that the LBS software is closely monitoring these calls, me and my fellow officers are going to be putting more pressure in areas where the inmates think that they have all the control.


If the inmates are on the phone talking about bringing any type of drugs to the visitor center, we can get to work behind the scenes to take the contraband away from the visitor long before they even get in touch with the inmates.


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  1. Averi Denver

    As a prison officer, you have to make sure the prison is safe and inmates who has less strenght are protected. However, most of the dangerous inmates has gangs and they inflect injuries on each other. All thanks to dissertation writing help to install monitoring phones by Securus Technologies. I and other of my collogues now have to listen what these dangerous inmates are putting calls to one another as we swiftly diffuse all their plans. It has left them in confussion how we always burst at them but atleast, the prisons are safe.

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