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Replace Your Pedicure with Shea


Shea butter has long been used as a moisturizer. Most know that it is great for the skin and that it has healing properties along with the moisturizing properties that it is touted for. For this reason, shea is the perfect ingredient for anyone who wants to do an at-home pedi. Ditch the expensive creams and soaks, go with shea butter instead.


To make shea butter work for your pedicure, you need to make sure that you have butter that is of the highest quality. Good shea butter will have a primary source and will have had very little processing done to it. There are organic and other varieties of shea butter, but the best ones will help your skin to feel both smooth and moisturized. It will help your feet to feel better. Make sure that you slough off any dead skin off of your feet to get the most out of the shea butter. This is essential as the butter will penetrate into the skin on your feet and will help to make it feel softer and feel better.


If you are looking for a great option for your shea butter, look no further. Eugenia shea is a company dedicated to providing shea butter to everyone who loves it, who has never used it before or who simply wants more uses out of their shea butter. Eugenia shea company has created specific ideas for making shea butter more accessible for everyone. Not only do they provide the product but they also provide different options for people who want to use it in different ways.


Eugenia shea comes from the knowledge of one mom who has worked with shea butter for years. After a cancer diagnosis in 2014, her daughter recognized the need for them to spend more time together. The solution to that need was to create Eugenia. The company stands for everything shea butter and for bettering life at home as well as the environment.

Find all of Eugenia’s shea butter products at the following link:

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