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Michael Zomber Is a Historical Consultant

Michael Zomber has a vast knowledge of history that he puts to use on a regular basis as a consultant for The History Channel. He became involved with the cable network when a friend recommended Michael to one the The History Channel’s top executives. Michael met with the executive and there was instant chemistry. Michael was immediately hired to be a historical consultant for three upcoming documentaries that the channel was going to produce. However, Michael had no idea at that point how extensive his role was going to be. He was not originally scheduled to be interviewed for segments that were going to be shown on camera. However, one of the producers thought Michael was so interesting that the audience would be fascinated by him. Therefore, the decision was made to include the interview segments with Michael in the documentary.

The education that Michael Zomber has received is quite impressive. He first attended the University of Illinois where he was a cum laude graduate who earned bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and English. He then decided to go to graduate school. He enrolled in UCLA where he eventually received a master’s degree in English literature. Having degrees in English and English literature helped Michael greatly when he eventually decided to pursue writing novels as a career. He has often focused on stories involving samurai because he admires the code that they chose to dedicate their lives to following. “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai” and “Shogun Iemitsu” are two of the samurai novels that Michael has written.

Michael often gives credit to his wife regarding the fact that he is now a successful author with several published novels under his belt. He did not have much confidence in his writing ability when he first got started. However, he wife gave him the constant encouragement he needed to get past the writer’s block and the insecurity he was feeling.

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  1. Walsh Bright

    Michael believes that those early days when he struggled have made him a better writer in the long run. He has said he will write another novel in the future. There are a lot of ways for the best essays to come around and make it happen for them as possible.

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