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Eli Gershkovitch; CEO of Steamworks craft breweries

In most countries, beer is their most favorite alcoholic drink. This being the case for most Canadians too. And in line with the popular beer comes the craft beer in particular. Of the recent age, the craft beer has seen to become also popular about the consumption levels (http://releasefact.com/2017/08/eli-gershkovitch/). This evident in the per capita beer consumption drops and sales for the craft beer where they keep an upward trend.

In Canada, since the year 1995, the beer sales have been on a flat sale with the craft beer sales skyrocketing to double digits. This showing just how popular the craft beer has become of age. Some of the craft beer breweries are not small anymore; they include the Quebec’s McAuslan brewery that produces an estimated $20 million worth of beer per year. And in case you are wondering what types of craft beers to pick, well, they include red pacer pale Ale, Gutenberg, and Nutcracker porter among many others.

Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer, pilot born July 4, 1975, in Vancouver. He would later attend the law school and graduate after that. He then enrolled to the Universite de ski in Grenoble for some art classes.

Later on, Eli Gershkovitch could venture into the beer industry something that was opposite of what he has studied in the university. This was after he got exposed to the Belgian beer and later visited several microbreweries.


Eli Gershkovitch would then start his own brewery company, the then Steamworks. That was coming after they sat with the president of the ever-expanding brewery side of the business, Walter Cosman obviously providing helpful insight on the business. Here Eli joined hands with Walter to occupy the 30, 000 sq. Ft. space near the Burnaby boundary into a production facility. Currently, the firm produces up to 90,000 six packs of Steamworks pale ale and also the Pilsner brand annually. It also produces a further 800 12 packs of the seasonal brew, for instance, the Christmas Blitzen (TheBroTalk). And if you may think that the law degree Eli Gershkovitch isn’t put to good use, you are wrong.

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