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Bob Reina Is Looking For Greatness

When it comes to Talk Fusion, Bob Reina knew exactly what he wanted to do with the company when it started up in 2007. It was not some fly by night company. It was not something he just came up with out of the blue. It was something he knew was going to be great, and he knew it was destined for greatness. Now, that is not arrogance on the part of Bob Reina. Anyone that has ever met Bob Reina knows he is not an arrogant man. He is humble but he is confident. After all, if someone is going to run a company, they have to have confidence. Others will have a hard time believing in it if the CEO does not.


It is funny how it all started, as Bob Reina simply wanted to send out a video email. From there, it has also turned into video newsletters, video chats, and video conferences. With video conferences, this allows people from everywhere to chat and get together and talk about their business which they can help create and build with Talk Fusion.


As they often say, a picture is worth a thousand words and when someone looks happy, it is easy to see it. When someone looks unhappy, it is also easy to see it. Even though it is not a framed picture or a still picture, it is still a video of someone and the passion comes through the screen, which is remarkable. With video newsletters, they can send it out to followers that are interested in their business. This way, they can stay in the loop on everything and reach as many people as possible.


The more people that are reached, the more people that will likely invest in the company, spend money on the company, and keep up to date with all of the changes of the company. No matter what a new business owner is looking for, Talk Fusion has it. Read more at PR News Wire about Talk Fusion.


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  1. Heavenly Paxton

    July 23, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    With video chats, they are able to chat with people, see their face, and really get a sense of how they are feeling and what is on their mind. It might be the very thing that college papers to buy has been able to render and may put into use for as long as they see it.

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