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A Leading Oil and Gas Industry in Mexico

There are many oil and gas industries around the world. One of the leading industries is found in Mexico known as Cotemar. This company is totally Mexican and has been around for quite some time. Cotemar has been operating for over 38 years providing high quality service to the oil and gas industry.


In the online article from Google.com/mx the company’s services “include offshore oil fields development, maintenance and construction services such as maritime support operations, catering and accommodation, and transporting personnel and supplies using specialized vessels.”


The value of the company is to operate on a substantial level to promote and accommodate their clients in such a way that propels. Cotemar not only value their clients but they value their employees as well. This company according to the article believes in providing jobs that benefits the life and well being of their employees and their families. They do this by providing sufficient jobs that allows the employee to potentially grow at a large degree. A quote from the online article states, “To encourage the integral development of our people and their families through industrial safety, equity programs, health, education, and sports as well as events that encourage family integration and a sense of belonging.” This alone allows one to know Cotemar is not only concern with their well being as a company but the well being of those they employ to make the company what it is today. An employer integrating events that includes the family speaks volumes. Sounds like a company, the community, and a family connected to make each other better.


Cotemar is also known for wise decision making when it comes to sustainability obligations. They understand with all the efforts of today there must be some planning for the future to ensure success of the company. According to the online article the company utilizes four areas in regards to sustainability. They are business ethics, quality of life, community, and environment. They call it the sustainability scheme. When it comes to the environment they believe in “good practices to lessen the negative impact on it and also ecological preservation activities.”


Cotemar is a company located in Mexico and leading by example. Providing great jobs and remembering the families of their employees is a total package. Careers at this location are of great value when you have a company that stands with you at work and at home.



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  1. Alexandria Malik

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