Dr. Chris Villanueva grew up with an interest in dentistry. He was born in Ohio and his parents moved abroad when he was a child. He spent his childhood in Asia as well as South America where he graduated from high school in Caracas, Venezuela. He moved back to the United State to earn his college degrees. He first completed an undergraduate degree in microbiology at the University of Florida. He then went to Nova Southeastern University where he earned his doctor of medicine in dentistry degree.For several years Dr. Chris Villanueva practiced as a dentist. He started as a dental associate in another dentist’s practice. He said this was a really miserable job because the dentist’s wife ran the business side and she really didn’t know what she was doing. He was happy to leave and start his own dental practice. He has also worked in a corporate dentistry setting.

This has given him exposure to both sides of the industry which really helped him out later in his career.Dr. Chris Villanueva knew that there had to be a way of bringing the benefits of being a corporate dentist to those who wanted to practice in their own offices free of that type of that type bureaucratic environment. He developed a model where a dental practice firm would partner with sole practice dentists. The result was MB2 Dental Solutions, a business he founded in Carrolton, Texas. He is also this firm’s chief executive officer.MB2 Dental Solutions takes care of the business side of running a dental practice, leaving the dentist free to concentrate on patient care. His company does everything from IT to payroll to compliance. It’s a full service dental practice firm.

Dr. Chris Villanueva says that his company 100% respects that the dentists they work with want complete clinical autonomy, just as he wanted while working as a dentist himself.One of the lessons that he has learned is that his role as CEO is to provide the strategic vision for his firm. He says that it’s his belief the best way to succeed is to hire great people and then let them do their job free of micro-management. His goal is to have a loose environment at MB2 Dental Solutions where they do professional work and yet can still have a good time, not taking everything so seriously like most dental management firms do.