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U.S. Money Reserve Wins Four Awards At 20th Annual Videographer Awards For Creative Work

The United States Money Reserve has announced its recognition in the world of information and entertainment. The company has been recognized for its most creative infomercial in television. United States Money Reserve a recipient of four awards from the Videographer Awards of 2016 for their production work and original theme.


The United States Money Reserve, most notable, has won two Excellence awards the TV Commercial Product and Creative TV Cinematography awards. “Testimonial Show” was the infomercial television show that won the four awards of excellence. For the judges, this infomercial depicted the highest standards of creativity and keeping up with the attest technology in this industry.


The Excellence Award is one of the top-most awards given to the projects produced in the world. These projects must be produced, written, edited, and shot in an unusual method. For them to win the award, they pass through a series of reviews and judge ratings. They look at the technology used in production. The judges are keen to explore the methods of cinematography that depict a high sense of commercialization and professionalization. For all these set criteria, United States Money Reserve infomercial passed the test and won the award.


For the company to earn these top awards in the United States, it means that they have kept up with the latest innovative trend in the world. They are now the most creative production team in the United States. According to the judges’ judgment, they won the Honorable Mention and the Distinction Award. The “Pearl Harbor Show” also won awards in this category.


According to the Chief Executive Officer of United States Money Reserve, they are thrilled and honored to receive the awards. For the company, their international market is increasing due to this recognition. They have pledged to keep up with these informative trends. Angie Koch, the CEO and President of the United States Money Reserve United States Money Reserve, says that the marketing team has an exceptional talent. They engage in activities that develop their production, media, and marketing inspirations. According to the CEO of the company, these infomercials show the actual nature of their clients. As a matter of fact, they are keeping up with the highest standards of customer satisfaction and service. The United States Money Reserve is great.


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