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The Success of Brian Bonar on the Finance World

Brian Bonar is a financial expert. He works at Trucept where he is the chief executive officer. Brian formerly worked at the Dalrada Financial Group where he served as the CEO. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar won the award for the executive of the year in finance at the annual list of the Cambridge Who’s who while working at Dalrada in 2010.

The selection committee of the awards program selects two males and females every year for the executive of the year award. Candidates are chosen based on their leadership skills, academic accomplishments, and professional achievements. Brian had significant progress in the financial sector while working at Dalrada.

Brian Bonar has worked in the financial industry for more than 30 years where he has managed to acquire a lot of experience and expertise. Brian was able to steer the company to success and made it a household name in the finance field while working at Dalrada.

The Dalrada Financial Group offers employee programs for various enterprises in all parts of the nations with the primary aim of improving business efficiency.

Dalrada Financial Group managed to help many clients in managing their finances and protecting their assets under the leadership of Brian Bonar as the CEO. The passion of Brian Bonar in the financial sector was evident during his tenure at Dalrada.

He left behind an impressive legacy and helped the company to acquire a reputation as an efficient and reliable company. Brian attended the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow where he earned his undergraduate degree.

He went on to Strafford University where he got his graduate degree and also his doctorate. Brian served as a director of technology sales. His dedication to work and discipline led to his promotion from one position to another in 1992.

Brian Bonar was promoted to the position of vice president, sales, and marketing at Dalrada in 1994. He served in this position shortly before moving on to serve as the company’s executive vice president. Brian Bonar was named the new CEO at Dalrada Financial Group in 1998.

He was later chosen to be the chairman of the company’s board in 1999. Brian has managed to work in various institutions where he held different positions in the course of his financial career. Brian also works at Trucept, Inc. where he is the Chairman and CEO.

Brian was born in Scotland. He attributes his success in the financial sector to hard work, discipline, and commitment.

Some of the firms that Brian has worked for include QMS, Inc, Greenland Corp, The Solvis Group, Inc, Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc, among others.

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