Marc Sparks, a high school graduate from Austin, Texas, is known to be a “serial entrepreneur”. He is the owner and CEO of a successful private equity company called, Timber Creek Capital LP”, and he accomplished this without a college degree. He’s also the author of a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You”. It describes his humble beginnings of his entrepreneurship, to his success in the business world along with all the situations he overcame during those times. But he feels one of his callings was, through his company, to help other, want to be entrepreneurs, develop an organized, profitable business of their own. He doesn’t stop just helping future business people, Marc’s a philanthropist who also aids the homeless as a sponsor for Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds houses for homeless families. His non-profit deed involves another organization, American Can! Academy. There he has given the opportunity for low-income children to receive 1,000 computers, and named his sponsorship, “Sparkey’s Kids”. Finally, almost 40 years ago in North Texas, he adopted a homeless shelter called, “The Samaritan Inn”, who house over 500 men, women, and children. There they house, educate, and prepare people in becoming self-sustaining when they leave the “inn”, and aid them after leaving with their living and housing needs. Learn more:

Timber Creek Capital, LP is an equity company Marc Sparks created 37 years ago, whose headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. Its’ goal is to help new business owners become successful by aiding them financially in all aspects of their business, which can include, marketing, networking, web development, company associates, legal business structure, employees’ legal benefits, and necessities to operate that business. The firm follows and aids each new company from the beginning concept to the point when they can make it on their own.

According to Mr. Sparks, he never strived to be a millionaire and feels being rich means having good friends, a healthy family, building a successful business from scratch, and having happy co-workers and customers.

It’s hard to say what Marcs’ greatest accomplishment will be since this is only the beginning of his reign and still has more to accomplish and years to grow to leave his mark on todays’ entrepreneurs, homeless, and children. Marc has started many companies that hasn’t received the success Timber Creek Capital LP has, but with his tenacious belief in hope for others, and with his belief in God, it seems he has “his partner”, by his side helping him give others a better chance at life, along with a better life.