The Academy of Art University has just held its 21st runway showcase where up-and-coming designers have the privilege of showing off their latest creations. Designers such as Hailun Zhou from China, Eden Slezin from the Bay Area, and Dina Marie Lam from Los Angelos.

The Academy of Art University is open to all who want to learn to become successful in the world of design and self-expressionism, and they are there to help and to prepare the way for the students who want to learn with enthusiasm. The Academy operates as an ethical school and does not believe in barriers. They allow their students to be as free as they need to be in order to foster learning and individuality.

The Academy is very supportive, and they challenge their students to push themselves and to set the bar high so that they can achieve even greater success. The Academy of Art University is accredited and also offers online studies, and they host over 70 art shows and gallery exhibitions in the San Francisco area every single year. They are always proud to showcase the work of their students.

Carlos Rodriguez, from Mexico City, used intricate embroidery and wool blends to create his one-of-a-kind designs. Saya Shen form Beijing, China used digital prints of nature for her inspiration, and Joanna Jadallah from Chicago used cashmere knits, leather, brocades, and wool to embellish her collection of clothing. Cana Klebanoff, originally from Queens, New York, was inspired by nature, castles, and Japanese culture. Ryan Yu used the perception of light and darkness to create his unique pieces, and Jelly Shan wanted her collection to be edgy.

The Academy of Art University has called San Francisco its home since all the way back to 1929 and is all about preparing the future and aspiring designers to create and showcases their talent. The Academy maintains very high standards and teaches in a disciplined and nurturing environment. Their full and part-time staff is comprised of designers, career artists, scholars, and professionals who are more than capable of lending their wisdom and encouragement to their budding students.