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Securus Responds to Allegations

Heated competition between industry rivals is commonplace in most industries. This is particularly the case in the communication and security industry, particularly as it relates to providing services to correctional facilities. While there are many different companies that can provide communication products and services, two major companies have stepped up and have become the clear industry leaders.


Several months ago, one of these companies, Global Tel Link, released a press release detailing several allegations against their main competitor, Securus Technologies.


The company provided a detailed list of all patents that it has released on its most successful products, which show that they exceed those done by Global Tel Link in both quantity and timing. Furthermore, Securus was able to reference a variety of different studies that showed that they have a better reputation with customers and their beers competitor.


Securest technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that has been in the inmate communication industry for over a decade. The company, which serves the needs of over 1 million inmates at over 1,000 facilities across the country, has developed a number of unique and advanced products. The newest and most popular product that the company has released to the general public is their video visitation service. This service, which is accessible through the use of mobile devices, provides a convenient and secure way for inmates and family members to connect.


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  1. Walsh Joe

    Many of the allegations in the initial press release related to misuse of patents by Securus and overall poor business ethics. Securus has now issued their own press release to respond to these allegations. There are some ways in which https://onmogul.com/stories/whosays-handwriting-has-drowned-in-the-past can do something to bring back the sweet memories.

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