The invention of RFID (Radio-Frequency Indication) technology was primarily meant to help different cloth enterprises in boosting their sales. Sawyer Howitt believes that RFID Technology is an innovation that all retailers should embrace. However, the technology is currently enjoying minimal grip, and Sawyer is highly advocating for it. Today, a number of companies producing the systems are availing newer and better provisions which are meant to provide cheaper versions for the global retailers. This is to help retailers in the marketing and sales programs.

Sawyer believes that for the technology to gain effective grounds, the developers need to produce systems that are cheap and easy to run. Sawyer says, “Even though the present embrace of RFID Technology is not fulfilling, there is hope for future improvement”. If the complications are done away with, the retailers can fully embrace the technology. Though youthful, Sawyer has a massive following as his business articles are very inspiring. He is in constant pursuit of education and mentorship programs. He is determined young business writer and adviser who define what the business world holds for the youth.

Business and Philanthropy

Sawyer Howitt is the current Project Manager at Meriwether Group. He was born in 2000 in Portland. Though young, age does not limit Sawyer from expressing his business expertise and passion. He is gifted in understanding the financial and operational business needs. He is able to provide consultative business service in Portland and beyond.

Currently, Sawyer is studying Business and Finance at the University of California. He believes in constant learning and more of his business experience is derived from learning from other business executives at Meriwether Group. Other than business, Sawyer Howitt is dedicated to philanthropy. He is constantly championing the privileges of the youths and women. As a youth in Portland, Sawyer Howitt leads global ethnic study groups. His impressive work portfolio spins around business and customer service.


Generally, Sawyer Howitt is widely celebrated because of his strong passion for business and finance investment. His philanthropic deeds make him an effective public figure and mentor. Sawyer is an effective example that many youths in Portland and around the world look at.