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Mike Baur’s journey as an entrepreneur with the Swiss Startup factory

Mike Baur has always had a passion for finance and banking. He was always fascinated by these subjects early as a teenager at his home town in Fribourg, Switzerland. It never came as a big surprise when he decided to pursue this as a passion and finally make a career from it. To get his passion going he got an MBA from the University of Bern and an executive MBA from the University of Rochester. Upon graduation, Mike spent 20 years of his life in the Swiss banking industry. He rose in ranks to become an executive board member in an elite Swiss private bank. He also worked in several financial institutions such as Sallfort and Clariden.


Mike embarked on his journey as an entrepreneur in 2014 at the age of 39. Along with other partners, he was able to form the Swiss Startup Factory, a company that supports and mentors young innovators in ICT. The Swiss Startup is privately owned and independently financed. It is the first of its kind in Switzerland. The whole idea behind the program is a three-month accelerator program that assists tech-entrepreneurs get to understand their field.


The Swiss Startup factory has had a great vision. This has attracted several other companies to join forces and get in the team to advance their causes. A few companies that have joined the startup company include CTI Invest; this is a financial company that offers support for creative business startups in Switzerland. The two companies joined forces in December 2015 where they started working together. The company has appointed Mike Baur as the Deputy Managing Director. He likely to be the successor of the company’s current managing director.


Fusion was also able to work join forces with SSUF in February 2016. SSUF is a German-based company that supports startups too. The two companies have worked together to create a bigger plan in assisting startups.


Mike Baur is highly passionate about what he does; he has helped several startups turn their dreams to reality using an array of resources he can access. Mike Baur credits his success with the organization largely due to the huge network of entrepreneurs that later become customers and potential advisors too.

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