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Michael Zomber Creates a Life of Passion Through Writing and Armor

A man dreams of creating his own destiny. For some people that may mean doing one thing, for others it means combining their passions to make something wonderful with the combination of all things. That is exactly the type of life Michael Zomber created for himself. Born in Washington D.C., he graduated from the University of Illinois and went on to study English Literature at UCLA. He combined his passion for writing with his love for swords of all type, the main one being the Japanese samurai swords.

Zomber started purchasing swords of different types about forty years ago and has been seen on the History Channel, giving him an outlet for sharing his knowledge. With each piece that he purchases, he does his best to learn about them and their previous owners. He realizes though that he may not be able to find the original owner, as many of the samurai swords are upwards of four hundred years old.

Though fiction his book, Shogun Iemitus War, focuses on the historical accuracy of the seventeenth century samurai. At the end of the book is a glossary that teaches information on the swords, armor, and culture of the samurai. Another non-fiction book focuses on Jesus, the early Christian and how their lives affected the “development of the traditional samurai values”.

Through his passions he has been able to write several more books and is currently working on another. He and his wife created Remascent Films in 1998 which has made a few movies as well as supported other projects. He still continues to purchase and sell armor as well.

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  1. Walsh Smith

    April 13, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Several of his books focus on the samurai and what life is like for them. Michael Zomber leads the life that makes him wake up excited with something new to do. I also emphasize that these essay services would have gotten much of what they need in return.

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