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MB2 Dental Solutions: Keeping Dentists From Getting Bogged Down With Back Office Functions

MB2 Dental Solutions partners with dental practices to offer them nonclinical support, while allowing dentists complete clinical autonomy. Support services include procurement, compliance, staff recruiting, and more. Founded by a dentist, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, the dental practice management firm understands the challenges dentists face in growing a profitable practice. Dr. Villanueva, who has worked as an associate dentist and had his own practice, also serves as the company’s CEO, therefore, he directs his firm needs to do to support dentists in their desire to focus on their patients, instead of recruiting support employees or evaluating billing systems.


Since dental schools do not routinely teach skills such as computer systems management and marketing, dentists may find themselves paying an IT firm for software implementation and a digital marketing company to design and place their advertising where potential new patients will see it. With MB2 Dental Solutions’ experts in marketing and experienced IT professionals, dentists can be assured that people who understand their unique needs will handle these tasks. Since MB2 Dental also offers recruiting assistance, by pre-screening candidates, they have associate dentists openings at affiliated practices for outstanding dentists who value clinical autonomy.


While there are various dental management firms with significant variations in how affiliation agreements between the dentist and the dental management organization are structured, MB2 Dental is considered one of the best since a practicing dentist runs it. This dental management firms are a relatively new concept, solo practitioners and group practices are not always aware that these firms, like MB2 Dental Solutions, only offer assistance with the business end of operating a dental office, leaving dentists free to practice dentistry without interference. Nor do they realize the advantages of group buying power, where a dental management company with dozens of affiliated dental practices can negotiate better deals on equipment and supplies. To help get the word out, CEO Dr. Villanueva recently was featured in an Entrepreneur Podcast Network podcast on iHeart Radio, where he spoke about the future of dentistry. He believes that solo and group practices shouldn’t have to struggle with HR, compliance and legal issues at the expense of time spent actually practicing dentistry.



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