Changing leadership is definitely an adjustment process that encompasses excitement, pain, hope, growth and predicament at the same time. Although earning the trust as well as the loyalty of an entire organization seems like a challenge to deal with upfront, there are aspects that an incoming leader can focus on to earn the support of the employees. As illustrated by Luiz Carlos Trabuco of Banco Bradesco, leadership changes can yield positive results in an organization.

The Back Story
Brandao de Mello was the longest-serving president in the banking institution. Having worked for Bradesco for more than two decades, he was now ready to quit; a move he took in 2017 citing the reason as the need to have a young leader equipped with modern business model strategies. While leaving, he was straight about upholding the culture of the firm to maintain internal recruitment. He also insisted that the company should consider hiring an experienced individual with extensive knowledge of the banking system and its operations. To reiterate his point, he elected his predecessor; Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who has been serving as the chairman of the board for years as well.

A New President for Banco Bradesco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the president for a few months before the board of directors held a meeting to elect a new president. For the months he served, he revamped the company morale and implemented new, revolutionary leadership skills for the company. Shortly after, a new president was elected; Octavio de Lazari Junior is the current president of Bradesco. Bradesco is the second largest bank in Brazil. He joined the firm as an office boy and has been working hard to make himself known to the banking industry. Also the incumbent vice president of the firm, he has been trusted with the leadership of the company because of his extensive experience in banking, finance, and management.

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Octavio de Lazari’s Roles at Banco Bradesco
The 54-year-old Octavio de Lazari was among the quoted leaders to succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He joined the bank after deciding to forfeit his dream of becoming a footballer. In fact, he was a dedicated player at Palmeiras according to However, his father had other plans for him; to join the white-collar job industry. After joining the company, he dedicated his life to establishing professionalism within his jurisdiction. Moreover, he aligned the operations of his department by introducing appropriate work ethics to govern his department. Therefore, regarding his appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is confident that he shall deliver to the expected standards.

What about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi?
For Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, career takes a new direction even as he retains his initial position as the chairman of the organization. Also a pioneer of the company, he first worked as a clerk before earning the trust of the board of directors. Right now, he shall work alongside the new president not only as a mentor but also an employee who oversees the management of different organizations. Moreover, he shall dedicate most of the time into ensuring that the wishes of Brandao de Mello are respected.

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