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George Soros Partners With Hollywood to Support Planned Parenthood

Billionaire George Soros has recently discussed his philanthropic efforts to support liberal causes in the United States and abroad. The wealthy businessman has become known for his dedication to the progressive movement and normally donates more than $5 million per year on efforts to elect liberal politicians and expand the scope of the federal government. During his latest interview, George Soros discussed his most recent campaign to fully fund the abortion facility, Planned Parenthood. The billionaire is adamantly against the new Donald Trump presidential administration and is working with those who support Planned Parenthood to protect the organization from threats made by the administration. According to the most recent article published by Forbes about George Soros’ political affairs, the billionaire has not made such extravagant financial efforts to advance the political agenda since he attempted to stop the election of George Bush during his first presidential run. Currently, Soros is gearing up to join forces with some of Hollywood’s elite to fund America’s largest abortion facility through private and public sources.

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George Soros has most recently partnered with a campaign that uses the star power of several notable musicians and actors to raise money for Planned Parenthood facilities. Singers John Legend, the Foo Fighters, Skinner, and St. Vincent are all being featured in the campaign to fund Planned Parenthood. Soros has expressed his support of the campaign, stating that he looks forward to assisting these celebrities in securing funding for women’s reproductive rights in the United States. Soros faces skepticism over his decision to support this campaign, with many Americans pointing out the fact that there are many free women’s health facilities in the United States that do not use tax payer money to promote the genocide of millions of humans. George Soros and other liberals who have made an effort to support Planned Parenthood have continued to persevere for this cause, however, and the billionaire is set to continue to develop funding sources for Planned Parenthood and other programs that promote humanism and human autonomy. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

In the wake of his new partnership with Hollywood’s elite, George Soros has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from American socialists and the liberal media. Soros has also devoted his social media presence to positive news articles discussing Planned Parenthood’s efforts in the local community. Soros frequently posts clips showing the progress of the new Planned Parenthood Campaign. Seven Inches for Planned Parenthood is set to be released in just a few months. George Soros has expressed his hopes that liberal Americans will continue to support Planned Parenthood and stand up against efforts by the Trump administration and conservative Americans to eliminate the organization through attempts to completely defund it.

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