In the world of celebrity doctors, Dr. David Samadi may be one of the most accomplished in the field for his work as a surgeon instead of just being a spokesperson for various products and companies. He specializes in robotic prostatectomies that have made thousands of men prostate cancer survivors instead of prostate cancer patients. With one of the best cancer-free success rates after surgery, around 90%, it’s easy to see why so many patients see him as a hero in their reviews as opposed to just a doctor.

Dr. David Samadi started his life in the embattled region of Palestine before leaving the country with his 12-year-old brother at the age of 15 in 1979. Despite not being able to go with their children, his parents still managed to fund a top-notch education for the brothers in Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Eventually settling in New York in the United States, Dr. David Samadi completed both his high school education and his medical degree in the area.

With over 7,000 robot-assisted prostate surgeries completed in his career, he eventually developed his own surgical technique known as the SMART system and is the only surgeon in the world to use it. This technique saves the nerves in the surrounding areas of the prostate in order to help maintain certain functions that patients are at risk of losing after surgery. These include preventing incontinence and impotence, which are both very important to those men wishing to live a normal life after prostate cancer.

He and his wife, who are happily married, have two children, a boy and a girl. The family resides in Old Westerbury, New York and share a focus on loyalty, love, and devotion to both their loved ones and the United States of America. Dr. David Samadi can be seen on Fox News every Sunday on Sunday Housecall, a segment that has been on the network for years and has many faithful followers. He can also be found on DrSamadiTV every Sunday answering questions and reporting on topics that vary from prostate cancer to relationship advice.