Daniel Taub is a Jew who was born in Britain, England in 1962. He is also a former diplomat of Britain. The records show that Daniel Taub is the most successful and popular Isreali envoy. It is very easy to grasp from the first article by “www.thejc.com” that Daniel Taub’s family is very important to him. You can assume this because in the beginning of the article it talks about him giving up his British citizenship to move back to Isreal.

He states that he “feels very privileged to be raising his children in their historic homeland”. Daniel Taub knows that Britain is a very important country when it comes to Europe. He states that British media is basically the world media. Daniel Taub wants to be a part of the dialogue between the media.

He understands that with everything going on throughout the Middle East, someone has to be able to help answer the question of “how do we manage to stay on the same page?”. He recognizes that the Middle East is in a bad condition as of right now. Daniel Taub thinks that relations with the Labour Party in Britain needs to be closely watched.

Daniel believes that the Isreali Labour Party and the British Labour Party have much in common such as the belief of freedom of speech, thoughts on homosexuals, and the position of women and minorities in society. Daniel loves the people of Britain.

He likes to talk about issues with the people of Britain. Although he doesn’t always agree with them and vice versa, he finds the people of Britain to be great listeners. Daniel Taub tells people that he is not the ambassador to the Jewish community but to St James.

Even tho he is not the ambassador of the Jewish community, he still thinks of the Jewish community as very important to him.

Since Daniel is an Orthodox Jew in London, you would think that there would be some problems, but there isn’t. He says that you sometimes have to make an effort to eat Kosher and keeping Shabbat, but for the most part it’s not difficult at all.

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