Daniel Taub is a writer, diplomat and practicing international law. Daniel Taub also lectures about international law, and the theory for negotiation also has been involved teaching biblical Hebrew to church leaders. Some of the most significant works of Daniel Taub is overseeing the script writing of the famous drama series HeChatzer. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://ideamensch.com/daniel-taub/ and http://www.embassymagazine.com/biog/biog_countries/biog_emb37_israel.html

This program touches on the aspects of the society of Israeli that include the secular and religious stereotypes. Most of his works have been published in papers as the Daily Telegraph, The Times, and the Guardian. Daniel Taub also worked with the President of Israel Chaim Herzog as his speechwriter.

Daniel Taub first started out working as a lawyer for intellectual property a decision catalyzed by the revolution of technology in its early stages. However, in the 1990s, he joined the foreign ministry of Israeli following the Madrid peace Conference that suggested negotiations between Israel and her neighbors. This detour in the career path that Daniel Taub took would change the rest of his life.

Daniel Taub spends most of his days on six crucial areas of public diplomacy as an Israeli Ambassador to the UK. He tries to explore populations and areas that haven’t been dealt with in political dialogue, sharing intelligence, political discussion, the Jewish community and other faith-based communities.

Daniel Taub was the driving force behind connecting the technology ecosystem of Israel and the young UK entrepreneurs. Working with Google and Facebook, they came up with a competition for startups known as Dragon’s Den style. This competition provided a platform for startups to compete and stand a chance of winning a program for training in Israel.

Daniel Taub also took part in the innovative ways of promoting interfaith cooperation. Events such as holding a collective Moslem-Jewish Iftar feast among others. Daniel Taub has a habit of being interested in people he engages with and what they are passionate. In his line of work as a diplomat, making the interests of others, your priority would spearhead one to greater heights.

As a diplomat, Daniel Taub is an active listener as it is crucial for him to listen to the ideas of others before he could pass his point at a shot of success. He also tries to focus his efforts on areas where it is possible to achieve some progress.

Daniel Taub is a team player and recommends that for one to achieve success, they should have the right people and focus their resources on building their strengths. Daniel Taub recommends reading Like Dreamers written by Yossi Klein Halevi a story of soldiers that fought in the Sixth Day War.