NewsWatch is an entertainment media company that produces content covering medical industry and government news, product reviews, celebrity interviews, public service announcements, and sponsored content from over 200 industries. The videos are posted online and run on National TV on the ION and AMC networks.

Some of its most popular pieces come from its reviews. Its Tech Report and AppWatch segments are very popular and have a large following. These two segments show viewers reviews on new consumer technology and apps. NewsWatch TV is also active on the biggest social media sites and has a blog that gives viewers up-to-date industry news and regular reviews.


Another big part of NewsWatch’s business is its sponsored content. It creates video marketing campaigns promoting its clients’ fundraising efforts and products. It produces videos for a variety of companies spanning a wide range of industries. Some of their notable clients include Audi, Outback, and Sony. These campaigns have resulted in huge increases in earnings and brand awareness for many of its clients.

Customer Reviews of NewsWatch TV Campaigns

One success story was a video campaign NewsWatch ran for the company Avanca. Avanca began a crowdfunding campaign to fund a new product. It set a goal to raise $10,000 in 30 days. Avanca partnered with NewsWatch to bring awareness to the campaign and increase the amount raised. As part of the NewsWatch campaign, a one-minute promotional segment was recorded and aired on NewsWatch TV in the NewsWatch TV Reviews segment. The campaign was so successful that Avanca was able to raise $456,551; this was 29 times more than Avanca‚Äôs $10,000 goal. After the campaign, NewsWatch TV did a testimonial interview with the CMO of Avanca, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, to see how she found its services. Van Wijkvliet loved working with the company’s team and the support it offered. She also named NewsWatch as one of the greatest contributors to the overall success of the crowdfunding campaign.