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Are They Really? Celebrities And The Meyers Briggs Test


Though some celebrities are famous for adopting the personality of any character on screen, they all exhibit typical personality traits in real life. The Meyers Briggs personality spectrum categorizes the main personalities found in human society. Here is a list of celebrities whose real personalities fit seven key categories.


INFP: Dreamer


John Lennon lived a meaningful life full of heart and positivity.


INTJ famous people: Strategist


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a natural leader who has spent his life scanning for opportunity.


ISTJ: Examiner


Sean Connery is family and community oriented with an extreme sense of loyalty, justice, and propriety.


ISFJ: Defender


Mother Theresa was a quiet collector of information about people, without the need to show it.


INFJ: Confidant


Daniel Day Lewis is a rare 1% type who is intuitive, gentle, and highly complex cognitively.


INFP: Advocate


Walt Disney was a innovator who was warm and always looked for the potential in things.  One of the most prominent examples of celebrity INFPs.


INTP: Engineer


Albert Einstein was a premier example of someone who was known for tackling problems first in his own mind.


The world of personality type analysis is very interesting because it highlights how far certain famous people wander from their true types in order to create a character.  In real life she is also outgoing, straightforward, and a go-getter. She is a solid ESTP: Persuader.


Jennifer Lopez on the other hand, is vastly different on screen and on stage, than in her personal life. Most people would assume she is an outgoing ESFP: Entertainer, but through analysis it is determined she is really an ISFJ: Defender. She is rather mysterious with a rich inner world. She might be surprised that Meyers Briggs compares her to George W. Bush and Christopher Walken. Then again, it’s about the true personality, not the assumed image.

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